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The Saint Vincent de Paul Society

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society is the charitable ministry of the Catholic Church. While home, hospital and prison visitations by members of the Society is its most notable activity, it also provides budget counselling, Compeer and Care of support for people with psychiatric disorders; disaster recovery and crisis relief; family care and support services;housing and homeless services; migrant, asylum and refugee services; learning and community services; Vinnies Centres (shops); and youth services and activities.

The Mission of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia is to deepen the Catholic faith of its members and to go out and heighten the awareness of Jesus Christ. This is done by members sharing with the poor on a person-to-person basis.

Members of the Society visit people in their homes to provide support, friendship and material assistance. This practice is known as home visitation, and is carried out by local St Vincent de Paul Society Conferences. There is a St Vincent de Paul Society Conference in this parish. Conferences are groups of people who respond to calls for assistance from people in the local community and work closely with the Society's Centres of Charity, or 'Opportunity Shops'.

People who are being assisted by conference members are often provided with food vouchers, furniture, clothing and household goods free of charge through the Society's Centres of Charity. Centres also offer affordable clothing and goods to the wider community. The profit from the sale of stock from the Centres is used to provide resources and support to people in need.

What is the meaning of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society logo?



The Society's logo consists of three hands. The top hand, the hand of Christ, blesses the cup. The middle hand is the hand of love which offers the cup. The bottom hand is the hand of suffering which receives the cup.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Conference meets on Tuesdays at 12.30pm at the Food Hub (Ambarvale Squash Courts), 65 Woodhouse Drive, Ambarvale.